About El Raymundo

El Raymundo

What in the name of Ted Nugent’s loincloth happened here? One day I’m in Ketchikan, standing up to my chest in fish slime and foam in the hold of a salmon boat, trying to put some cash together to make a trip from North Cape Norway to Cape Town South Africa, the next I’m in Virginia, up to my chest in a mortgage, trying to put some cash together to get the H E double-toothpicks out of Dodge, and having a grand old time wandering the Earth with my wife, La Raymunda (The Debra).

I’ll be the last one to say that much of my life has made much sense. I’ll also be the last one to take much credit for the happy circumstances I currently find myself in. Seems the Good Lord is smiling on me, and for that I am grateful. How else to explain a hot wife, good health, great friends, relatively drama-free family, a casa with a lawn even I can’t kill, a well-paying job that doesn’t make me mental, an annual subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket, a Canon 5D, some kick-ass lenses, and a full head of hair?