Beautiful Lengths

Posted by: elraymundo at 10:47 pm on Sunday, March 23, 2008
From: Great Falls, Virginia
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La Raymunda has been growing her hair so that she could donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Beautiful Lengths is “a campaign that encourages people to grow, cut and donate their hair to create free, real-hair wigs for women who’ve lost their hair due to cancer.

She cut it yesterday - ending months of temper tantrums and one-way arguments with her mirror image in the bathroom:

“I hate this hair!”

“I can’t do anything with this hair!”

“grrr…snarl…shriek…I can’t even reach the ends of my hair anymore!”

There was also a lot of sobbing, wailing, throwing of hair products and the occasional sacrifice of a blow dryer or hair straightener.

It’s been mayhem.

But now the hair is gone and we can all breathe easy. No more split-ends, no more unmanageable length…and all for a good cause…plus, now we have a new style for Debra to loathe and curse.

Debra and Jodene Strategize a Hairstyle
Eisenhower and Bradley strategize how to take the beaches at Normandy.

The face of fear
The face of fear: enemy guns in sight!

Measuring the hair
The program requires a minimum of eight inches be cut off. There is a penis joke dying to be made here, but I’ll take the high road.

Snip snip!
Debra cringed at this moment. Actually, cringe is an understatement. I think she had an emotional breakdown.



On a totally unrelated note, this evening I was clearing spam from the blog’s comments section and I came across this message:

Plane tickets. Cheap tickets. Bob seger tickets….

Bob Seger tickets???