Road Tripping USA #3, Day Four

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We’ve decided to go from Jackson, Tennessee to Northern Virginia in one shot today. It’ll take about twelve hours of driving, and since the front desk forgot our wake-up call (and I didn’t have an alarm clock as a back up) and we’re running late, this will be brief recap of yesterday’s drive.

Oklahoma was hot! And windy, too. 103 degrees and 100mph winds (it felt like) as we rocketed across the Sooner State. I saw a boot brush outside the front door of our hotel in Weatherford, OK…just one of those small details of place that usually go unnoticed but which go a long way to reminding you where you are on the planet.

Since I-40 passes just alongside El Reno, where my dad grew up, I decided to take Debra quickly past his old house in town. We didn’t have time to visit with relatives but we did find the house on West Rogers street. It’s a small, simple place just off a gravel road and it looked better than I remembered - it’s been re-sided and the old dead tree out back that we used to play on as kids has been torn down. I sat out front in the Jeep talking to Dad and a fellow wandered out onto the front porch, brushing his teeth and obviously wondering who we were. After I hung up I went up to the porch and spoke with him and an elderly woman who turned out to be the mother-in-law of my father’s half-sister’s daughter (the daughter owns the house now, I believe) and I chatted with them about how we were related. Then I snapped a couple of pictures and we went on our way.

Eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas are beautiful drives. The roadside through Arkansas is lined with trees, thick and green, and emerald farm fields dotted with rolled up bundles of hay that look like they were sliced one by one from a giant hay sausage.

Conway, Arkansas is the hometown of recent American Idol winner Kris Allen and Debra thought it would be fun to stop at a local joint in Conway which promised a lifetime supply of its locally famous cheese dip to the singer after his hometown visit during the show. Debra called Lisa in Minneapolis, she Googled “Conway Arkansas cheese dip Kris Allen” and got Stobey’s, we plugged it into the GPS and stopped by for dinner. Conway itself is a pretty cozy town. The main drag downtown, which was very small-town-America, was lined with Kris Allen banners and small shops that were actually open (as opposed to other downtown we’ve driven through where the shops are shuttered due to their being Wal-Marted out of existence). Stobey’s itself is a tiny little place which sits in a residential neighborhood - which reminded us a lot of a larger version of Carruthersville, Missouri, the Mississippi River-side town in the boot heel of Missouri where William grew up - among mature trees and well-kept lawns and where locals came in for dinner and greeted each other by name. Across the roof is a stretched a banner congratulating Kris Allen and their are photos inside with Kris and the Stobey’s staff sitting around a giant cake. One thing we noticed about both Oklahoma and Arkansas - both are very proud of their favorite sons and daughters (e.g. the water tower in Yukon announces not only that you are passing through the hometown of Garth Brooks but also lets you know that the high school team won state championships in ‘72, ‘82 and ‘84 - I might be getting the years wrong, but you get the point - Henryetta lists Troy Aikman’s birthplace among the local attractions on a large blue sign along I-40 and 2005 American Idol winner Carrie Underwood gets her own green freeway sign outside Checotah, Oklahoma). Debra had a spicy (and very good) blackened chicken quesadilla and I ate the restaurant’s signature sandwich, the Stobey (three choices of meat, two choices of cheese, lettuce and tomato with Stobey’s sauce. I had mine on rye. The food was tasty and the cheese dip wasn’t bad either.

From Conway we barreled through Arkansas, dipped down as we approached the Mississippi River with insects smashing into our windshield with such speed, volume and ferocity that I thought I was in the battle of Zion from The Matrix, then crossed the wide wide wide river into Memphis. We continued on to Jackson and that’s where I’ll leave off for now, because Debra has finished drying her hair, the time is getting on, and we have a long drive ahead of us to get home.

Apocalypse Now Postponed

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Jeff Watson AI Threat Level: Red - The reader is in grave danger of projectile vomiting if they are allergic to American Idol. Proceed with exceedingly great caution.

- - - - -

Well, we can all relax now. Sanjaya was finally sent packing.

Praise Jesus.

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

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Jeff Watson AI Threat Level: Orange - There is a small amount of American Idol content present in this post. Proceed with caution.

- - - - -

When La Raymunda and I talk about where, ultimately, we’d like to live, I usually tell her that I’d like to live somewhere very far away from Virginia and somewhere where the mountains meet the sea. That narrows the possibilities right away: the Chilean Andes run right up to the edge of the Pacific, New Zealand has mountains and glaciers all over the place and is surrounded by the Pacific. Washington State, though not perfectly qualified, comes close. Alaska and western Canada might also be in the running, and Iceland (active volcanoes!) and Norway, of course, with its spectacular fjords.

Normandy pops up a lot in this conversation also, but usually when I’m more in the mood for WWII battlefields, medieval history, Norman manors and castles, cuisines based on meat, heavy cream , cheese and brandy, pastoral landscapes dotted with orchards abutting seaside cliffs, cathedrals and the incredible Bayeux Tapestry. Oh, and Paris is just down the road from Normandy, too.

I never considered Argentina, though, since its only mountains are the Andes and the Andes form Argentina’s western border with Chile - the Argentine side of the mountains do not meet the sea. But once I got a look at Ushuaia from the air as we approached the airport I had to add Tierra del Fuego to the mix of possibilities.

At nearly 54.50 degrees south latitude, Ushuaia is the world’s southernmost city and currently has about 100,000 people living there. It sits on Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost edge of South America, ringed on three sides by snow-capped mountains (see the Photo of the Day just above here) and is fronted by the Beagle Channel, named for the ship that carried Charles Darwin on his famous naturalist voyage and which gives Ushuaia access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The chief industry is the Antarctic tourist trade, so there are photo shops and gear shops and plenty of restaurants and pubs. Working for a company that traveled regularly to Antarctica wouldn’t be bad, either. The local seafood is tasty (the king crab and the king crab soup at Volver, a seafood joint working out of what looks like an old wooden weather-beaten house sitting just across the road from the water’s edge, was great and the local dark beer, Artisanal Beagle, was really good, too).

I don’t speak Spanish, which is initially a problem, but fixable. Aside from that, though, with mountains, glaciers, glacial lakes, ocean, good food, good beer, adventure-type stuff all over the place and a decent camera shop, Ushuaia has just about everything I need to be happy. Oh, and the dollar is actually strong against the Argentine peso, so we wouldn’t be broke all the time like we would be in Normandy.

Anyway, something to think about.

- - - - -

By the way, was it just me or could you actually see Haley’s uterus peeking out from under her miniskirt last night on American Idol?

Mystery Fawn

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Jeff Watson AI Threat Level: Orange - There is a small amount of American Idol content present in this post. Proceed with caution.

- - - - -

La Raymunda called me at the Place of Toil and Labor just after our weekly project status meeting broke up at 10:00.

“Do you have any idea why…”

(and right here I’m already thinking, “Uh oh…what did I do?”)

“…there is a chipped ceramic deer in our front yard?”

(Whew. She didn’t see the hookers and the crack pipes I hid in the closet. Home free!)

We have a guest living among our daffodils - a ceramic deer named Mystery Fawn. (You can see a photo of Mystery Fawn here.) I opened the garage door yesterday to go to work and as I walked around the back of La Raymunda’s car I spotted a deer sitting in the flower bed. I stopped, looked again and, realizing Mystery Fawn was ceramic, stood a while longer trying to figure out where, exactly, Mystery Fawn came from.

There is a house down the street that has been for sale for nine months or so. They have weird red bricks piled up around their trees and flower beds and fake deer standing in the backyard. No one will buy the house, even though the asking price has come down about $75,000. Apparently weird red bricks and fake deer in the backyard are the kiss of death in real estate.

But I digress.

So the only thing I could think of was that some teenage kid stole Mystery Fawn and deposited him amongst our daffodils. Why us in all of suburbia? Well, why not? “Totally random,” I told La Raymunda. She, with her extensive experience with vandalism, believed that vandals actually thought things through before they ran around smashing mailboxes and pumpkins and riding their bikes across other peoples’ lawns.

La Raymunda guesses our next door neighbor, Chris, dropped Mystery Fawn off for an unannounced visit. We had sushi with Chris and Cindy a couple of nights ago and we talked about the fake deer in the backyard down the street - and it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Chris digging out some old garden-fawn from out of his basement and plopping it down next to our driveway in the middle of the night. This is the same man who dressed as a vampire and then harnessed himself to the ceiling of his two-story foyer with bungee cords so he could swoop down on trick-or-treaters on Halloween. A ceramic deer prank is kid’s play for Chris.

I’m coming around on the Chris O’Neill’s Wild Kingdom story myself. Chris is a perfectionist and Mystery Fawn wasn’t just cast ashore on our lawn. It’s obvious that Mystery Fawn was arranged with care, so as not to trample any flowers, aligned nicely with the sidewalk in a narrowing pinch of the flower bed with soft, chipped little eyes gazing longingly toward the northwest.

- - - - -

On the marathon front, I ran ten miles on Saturday - my first day in double-digits. I learned a lot about nature’s best ambush hunters and the founding of Athens and the building of the Parthenon in the process. Did you know that mantids are nature’s best ambush hunters? They combine all four critical characteristics of an ambush hunter: skill, speed, strength and stealth. Mantids stalk the insect world as nature’s Number One ambush killing machine. True story!

My current running pace is five miles per hour, which I am trying to raise to six miles per hour this week. Also, I may have to push Marathon Day back a week or two since it looks like La Raymunda and I will be going to Mesa Verde for a week in May to celebrate our five-year anniversary.

Total mileage thus far: 86 miles.
Weight lost: 8.2 pounds (I think I’ve turned the corner on the I’m-not-losing-weight-because-I’m-gaining-muscle-and-muscle-weighs-more-than-fat theory. I’ve dropped a couple of pounds the last three days and that usually doesn’t happen except after the long Saturday runs when I lose thirty-five pounds in water weight and then gain it all back when I drink a Diet Coke. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.)

- - - - -

It’s time to torpedo the debacle that is Sanjina Malakar. I won’t even comment on the horror that was his mohawk.

Photo of Katharine McPhee on an album cover Photo of Sanjaya Malakar on an album cover

~Thanks to Missus Fayne for the Sanjina album cover!~

Scotch Whisky & Heroin

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Q: What’s the dirtiest line ever uttered on television?

A: “Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night.”

- - - - -

Ran five miles today, surprisingly easily. Learned a lot about castles on the History Channel in the process. Also set June 24 as Marathon Day.

Total mileage thus far: 70 miles.
Weight lost: 7 pounds (A colleague of mine at the Place of Toil and Labor said, along with my eating more, that my body could be storing any extra calories as reserve energy due to the higher demands I’m putting on said traitorous body, and that once my fat backstabbing uncooperative self figures out that this running-business is normal activity that it will release those calories and the weight loss will resume. Or begin. Or not. I’m holding out hope that a crash diet of scotch whisky & heroin cocktails does the trick.)

- - - - -

Google Earth image of the Yangtze River's hairpin turn

Started a new book last night - The River at the Center of the World, by Simon Winchester. Interesting premise: that the existence of China, the history of the Far East and even the world would have been different had the Yangtze River, which rushes south from northern China for several hundred miles, not “slammed head-on into a massif of limestone, ricocheted and cannonaded off it and then promptly thundered headlong back up to the north.”

Winchester speculates that, had the river not made that hairpin reversal of course at Cloud Mountain, a hairpin turn which apparently doesn’t occur to any other major river anywhere else in the world, the Yangtze would have continued south parallel to the Mekong, passed out of China and dumped itself into the Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam) instead of becoming the great waterway that served as the backbone of trade, communication, unification and conquest that made China the power it was in the past and is becoming again now.

- - - - -

“I thought Sanjaya was good last night,” said Jeff the security guard.
“You mean his rape of The Kinks?” I said.
“Yeah. I thought he did good.”
“Jeff, have you ever actually heard The Kinks?”


“There’s more to rock ‘n’ roll than jumping around onstage and screaming like a fifteen year old playing air guitar in his underwear in his bedroom.”

Somalia Got My Toaster Just the Other Day

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Chatter around the Place of Toil and Labor’s imaginary water cooler shifted away from American Idol and to the movie The Wiz.

Michael: Maybe we could work Sanjaya Malakar into the Michael Jackson role and rekindle the old Diana Ross/Michael Jackson relationship thing.
Tiffany: That would be scary.
Michael: We could re-do The Wiz.
Tiffany: (laughs)
Michael: Hey, what role did Michael Jackson play in The Wiz?
Tiffany: He was the Strawman, I think.
Desireé (from behind her cube wall): Strawman!
Michael: I’ll check IMDB.

type type type

Michael: Yup, Strawman. Hey, I didn’t know Richard Pryor was in The Wiz!
Tom: He was the token black man.

…pregnant pause…

Michael: Um…dude, everyone in The Wiz was black!
Tiffany: Everyone!
Tom: I know, I know, I’m just making a joke and failing as usual.

Bernard (quietly and from far away): Not everyone in The Wiz was black.

Tiffany: Yes they were!
Michael: Wha-a-a-t?
Tiffany: Who in The Wiz wasn’t black?
Desireé: Yeah, who in The Wiz wasn’t black?

Bernard (prairie dogging out of his cube): Michael Jackson was in The Wiz.


I’ve insulted Jeff and doubtless will have to buy him copious amounts of pale ale to attain forgiveness:

Jeff: Sorry Michael, but you can’t get me to read about American Idol on your blog by either:

1. Mentioning me
2. Mentioning Galactus

Won’t happen.

Michael: What if I work in beer, The Clash and some DC characters?

Jeff: Nope, not even beer and punk rock can make me care about washed up R&B singers and the fake, scripted competition of maudlin amateur wannabes. And DC comics? C’mon, was that an insult?

* I blame Aquaman, the worst super hero in the DC Comics universe, for Jeff’s feeling insulted. No one respects a super hero in green tights with no powers other than the ability to get dolphins and porpoises to do the heavy lifting for him while he hangs out in the underwater lair of Stupidia smoking hookahs with the Queen of the Sea Monkeys.

Maybe I should have specified the Green Lantern. Maybe then it would have been all right.


P.S. “Somalia got my toaster just the other day” is a lyric from “Here We Go Again” by Stakka Bo - one of the oddball tunes I picked up while migrating across Europe many ages ago. It happened to be playing when I wrote this post.

Legal Disclaimer: Stakka Bo is in no way affiliated with, nor endorses, DC Comics (especially Aquaman).

Diana Ross Eats Babies (and small children, too!)

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Lots of American Idol chatter around the imaginary water cooler at the Place of Toil and Labor today.

“How the hell is Sanjaya staying in this?” asked Desireé with some attitude. Desireé is not to be trifled with when she displays attitude. Especially in the morning. It’s the New Yorker in her.

But I digress.

“How the hell is Sanjaya staying in this?” asked Desireé with some attitude.
“Help desks,” I said.
“Help desks?”
“We ship a lot of our help desk calls overseas.”
“That’s what my husband said! He thinks all the Indians are voting for Sanjaya.”
“A nation of one billion armed with telephones is a mighty force. On another note, was it just me or was Diana Ross next to useless as a coach? And what’s with her hair?”
“She looks like she’s had some work done.”
“They’ve all had work done,” said Tiffany, scooting out of her cube in her chair.
“Diana Ross eats babies and small children,” I said.
“Diana Ross does not eat babies and small children,” said Tiffany.
“Ok, then her hair does.”
“Do you think she really eats them or does she just suck their life force out?” asked Desireé.
“I dunno,” I said. “She might be going after their life force. She did seem to need to be hugged a lot last night.”
“Yeah, she was hugging everybody.”
“Maybe she was running low on life force.”
“I bet she sucks their life force out, like Madonna did to Britney Spears.”
“When did Madonna do that?”
“When they kissed. It’s what everyone says.”
“You know, there might be something to that. Britney has been in a death spiral ever since she smooched Madonna.”
“She used to be hot and ruled the pop world. Now she’s fat and bald.”
At this point Shane rolled out of his cube and over toward us in his chair.
“I’m coming over because I can’t say this loudly,” he whispered sotto voce. “White trash is white trash is white trash.”
“That’s very literary, Shane. Echoes of Gertrude Stein.”
“She’s never been far from the trailer and now it’s really showing.”
“I dunno. From fifteen to eighteen she didn’t seem like white trash.”
“Because she had the right people handling her. Now that she’s gotten rid of those people…”
“Now she’s like,” said Desireé with sassy gum-popping sounds, “‘like you know hey y’all!’”
“The real tragedy is that Kevin Federline is going to win custody of the kid. For God’s sake, you’ve gotta be a real train wreck to lose a custody battle to Kevin Federline.”
“I heard he might win Father of the Year just for getting the kid out of such a bad situation.”
“Bah, whatever. Quite frankly this all pales beside the fact that Diana Ross eats babies.”


I hit the fifty total miles mark today in my marathon training. I’ve found that the first two miles or so really suck, but that after that it’s not so bad. I’m only running five miles an hour, which equates to a 5 hour and 15 minute marathon time, assuming I run 5mph the whole way and don’t stop to rest, drink, pee or puke my guts out.

Should I decide to go through with this and actually run the full distance, I’m thinking of running the marathon on the treadmill in the basement and calling it the First Annual TeamRaymond Basement Marathon. For entertainment I’ll watch Band of Brothers. There are ten discs in the series and 5:15 should get me deep into the set with enough explosions, mayhem and chaos to distract me from how retarded I am for running 26.2 miles when I could be at Baskin Robbins eating a banana split.

Friday Is Good

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I finished the photo album for the Misiones Rainforest chunk of our trip to Argentina. Take a look here, and let me know what you think.

- - - - -

So they sent Antonella “The Body” Barba home last night on American Idol. It was time. But I’ll sure miss the black miniskirts and thigh-high leather jackboots. Daddy says, “yum!” Can I have an amen? TESTIFY!

As a follow-up, La Raymunda and I were shocked that Haley went through and Sabrina went home. Sabrina could belch with more conviction and talent than Haley can sing on her best day. Beats me, dunno what happened there.

And we get at least one more week of Sanjaya, who staved off elimination for one more week when Sundance was sent home after he cold-bloodedly murdered Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”. La Raymunda disagreed with sending Jared What’s-his-nose home but I didn’t agree. He’s a 2007 version of Pat Boone, although an African-American one, which I’ll admit is a bit odd if you know Pat Boone’s history of ripping off black musicians, and he can’t sing and he wouldn’t have been long for the world anyway, so why postpone the inevitable? Chop chop!

- - - - -

I started a running regimen because I fatted out of my clothes after we got back from Antarctica and I figured I was going to keep battling this unless I dedicated myself to some sort of regular exercise. But this is me, so I didn’t go the sane, normal route and ease into running; I decided I’d train for a marathon - which is amusing to me because I loathe running. Hate it. Hate it hate it hate it. Would rather pierce my own tongue with burning barbed wire than run. Or roll around naked in a pit of broken glass and rubbing alcohol while wrestling giant man-eating vipers and listening to the Dave Mathews Band.

But I’ve been running.

This Saturday I’ll finish Week 3 of my Marathon for Newbies program. I’ve run 38 miles total so far, and today is a rest day, which is why Friday is good. Saturday I’ll run five (down from seven last Saturday) but it will bump up to nine the following Saturday. In between Saturdays I run Tuesday - Thursday. Monday and Fridays are rest days. Today is Friday. So no running. But I believe I mentioned that. But it pleases me, so I’ll say it a third time. No running today!

Amigos de Boosh!

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Argentine drivers in Buenos Aires use lane markers less as boundaries and more as suggested itineraries for their intended trajectories.

For forty minutes we shot along the freeways leading into Buenos Aires from Ezeiza Airport, rocketing up on the rear bumpers of other cars, tickling their side rearview mirrors, braking and surging and braking again - just enjoying the general madness and chaos that is driving in Buenos Aires. We hurtled past crumbling concrete tenements jammed in and up against each other alongside the freeway, tenements built in the Spanish style with curving lines and arched windows - buildings that actually would have passed for decent with some scrubbing of soot and a coat of paint.

As he weaved in and out of traffic our driver, Señor Jorge Eladio Villa, shouted back to us over his shoulder.

“¿Dónde usted vive?”
“The United States,” I said.
“¿Qué ciudad?”
“Near Washington, DC.”
“OH!” he exclaimed, his eyes dancing in the rearview mirror. “Amigos de BOOSH!”


San Juanino Restaurant and The Debra, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThen Debra, mortified, “Um…no…no no no. No amigos de Bush.”
“No me gusta Boosh,” I reinforced.

Blood-curdling political associations aside, Señor Villa got us into the city safely, although by what repeatedly appeared to be the slimmest of margins, and dropped us off at out hotel in Recoleta, the Park Château Kempinski. Starving, we found an excellent hole-in-the-wall joint called El Sanjuanino and stuffed ourselves with ham and cheese empanadas, - the best we found on the whole trip - San Juanino Restaurant, empanadas and Quilmes beer, Buenos Aires, Argentinatamales and beer. I didn’t care for the tamales much, but then I don’t really care for tamales in general. The empanadas, though, rocked.

We drank Quilmes, the local beer, a pilsner whose only redeeming value was that it was ice cold and it was 89 degrees outside (almost 32 degrees to you Euros) and high humidity. As melodramatic as this sounds, I only drink pilsners under extreme duress. They’re nasty, foul little beers. In fact, pilsners are the Toyota Corollas of beers: meek, harmless and utterly devoid of personality.

But we were in Argentina on a beautiful day strolling the streets of Buenos Aires with three weeks of waterfalls, rainforests and penguins ahead of us. It Statue in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentinawould take a lot more than a nasty little pilsner to sour the mood.

Up next: Evita Peron and Argentina’s Cemetery to the Stars - Recoleta

- - - - -

P.S. On the American Idol front, it’s an absolute crime that all those poor people in Pompeii had to die horrible, asphyxiating deaths, entombed in volcanic ash when Vesuvius erupted and this useless batch of male contestants is allowed to draw breath. What a pathetic group of singers! It’s a girl’s game to lose at this point.

We Interrupt This Broadcast…

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Guests (my old college roomie, Rob Young and his wife, Soon-jin) are in town for the next few days so no insightful post today.

I will leave you with a snapshot of my reason for watching American Idol this season:

Antonella Barba covered in rose petals

A couple of notes on this year’s competition:

1. I was 3 for 4 last night on who got the boot. Shocking that Sanjaya didn’t go home. Nice kid, but if were a car he’d be a Toyota Corolla. Loyal readers know how I feel about Corollas.

2. At least this year my AI hottie has made it past the first two rounds of cuts. Whether she did so on talent (um…no) or looks (with a side-dish of wet t-shirt pics circulating the Internet) is beside the point. Last year’s AI hottie, Becky O’Donoghue got the boot right off the bat. So things are looking up this season.

Forget what Becky looked like? That’s her on the right…with her identical twin on the left.

Becky O'Donoghue

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